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What Is Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones?

Be safe, present, and aware. Introducing a new open-ear headphone that let you listen to music and sound, but also hear the world around you.

Wear it while you run and be aware of cars.

Wear it while you work and listen to your co-workers voice.

Wear it while you cook and listen to the alarm.

Wear it for outdoor AR games to experience the Mixed Reality of sound.

The patented shape form of our earcuffs will let you hear sound as if it is playing from somewhere in the outside world.

【Compact internal structure】

Support clear call quality

Supports technology to reduce wind noise and environmental noise, making calls clearer.

【Mechanical switch to prevent misuse】

The mechanical switch is designed to prevent accidental operation for easy access to the neck and hands.

【Speaker with high audio technology】

The advanced driver unit that makes full use of audio technology. High audio performance is achieved.

【Equipped with the latest Bluetooth chip, rich in functions】

Equipped with Qualcomm's latest Bluetooth chip, it achieves excellent connection stability without affecting the use environment.

【Other features】

  • Main body music playback can be continuous for 6.5 hours. Put in the shell charging specifications.

  • Pursuit of wearability design

  • The design that makes you forget the comfort of wearing, and incorporates various daily occasions.

Product information:
Transmission range: 10m
Bluetooth protocol: 5.0
Channel: stereo
Color: white, black
Endurance: 8 (hours)
Size: trumpet diameter 11mm

Packing list:

1 pair of headphones+charging box+charger+instructions * 1

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