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Model / Name: WH11
Input: 5V-2A / 9V-1.67A
Output: 5V-1A / 9V-1.2A (10Max)
Efficiency: ≥75%
This wireless fast charging night light is adjustable and controllable, and has a novel design, which not only meets the needs of wireless fast charging of consumers 'mobile phones, but also captures the consumers' aesthetic taste.
The product adopts the wireless charging alliance qi wireless charging standard. The stand angle can be adjusted while 10W wireless charging. The horizontal and vertical screens of the mobile phone are not limited, allowing consumers to play the mobile phone while wireless fast charging.
1. Fast 10W wireless fast charging
2. Full coverage of horizontal and vertical screens
3. Able to adjust the angle, multi-purpose
4. Beauty Humanized colorful night light

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