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product information
Product name: PCI-E 1X TO 16X
Product model: PCEI64P-N03 009S
Wire length: 60CM
Product packaging: PE bag
Product interface: PCI-E 1X PCI-E 16X USB3.0

Product description analysis:
1. The graphics card uses four FP solid capacitors for power supply. Anti-burn machine chip. Make the graphics card work more stable.
2. Add 2 LED indicators
3. Dual 6P, 4P, three interface power supply
4. USB3.0 interface, faster and more stable
5. The adapter card is powered separately, so that the power supply of the graphics card is independent from the motherboard, thereby reducing the burden on the motherboard when connecting multiple graphics cards.
6. The graphics card slot uses the original imported connector to make the graphics card contact better.
7. The PCI-E connector uses multi-layer shielded wire
8. The cable is relatively soft, easy to route, and the graphics card can be placed at will.
9. The slot is equipped with a fixed buckle, which is convenient to remove and fix the graphics card, so that the graphics card will not fall off from the slot.

1. This extension cord is suitable for motherboard PCI-E slot (1X 2X 4X 8X 16X). Please plug in the floppy drive power cord when using it. When plugging or unplugging the PCI-E extension cable, be sure to disconnect the computer and then plug it in. Be sure to read the precautions when using!
2. The matching wire is customized, so don't just find a wire and plug it in. Remember!
3. Be sure to recognize the direction when plugging in, don't plug it in reverse or off-position, to prevent the device from being burned. When plugging in, first hold the socket of the device before plugging in to avoid inserting the socket pin with excessive force.
4. The power interface is a standard part. Please check whether it is inserted in place when plugging in the power supply. Be careful when plugging and unplugging the cable.

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