TW40 wireless headphones

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Product model: TW40 Bluetooth headset)
Bluetooth version: LanXun / Realtek 5.0, HD binaural call
Transmission distance: 15-20 meters without obstacle
Product speaker: high quality true copper ring speaker
Product chip: True stereo chip
Working hours: Lanxun (3-4 hours), Realtek (4-6 hours)
Charging warehouse standby time: 30 days +
Headphone battery capacity: pure cobalt 50 mAh
Charging battery capacity: 400 mAh pure cobalt (with IC protection board)
Total weight: 140g
Packing size: 10 * 10 * 4.2cm 100pcs / carton (about 15KG)
Packaging standard: headset * 2 + charging compartment + USB charging cable + manual + box
First, start (pairing):
Open the cover of the charging compartment, the headset will automatically pair when it is turned on, or you can press and hold for 5 seconds to turn on the power.
Second, the charging instructions:
1. Charging compartment when charging the headset: The charging compartment indicator is on, the headset is red, and the indicator is off when the headset is fully charged
2. When using a data cable to charge the charging compartment: the charging compartment indicator is on, and the four lights on the charging compartment are always on when fully charged.
Third, shutdown:
Close the cover of the charging compartment after the headset enters the warehouse, the headset will be turned off, or manually press and hold for 5 seconds to shut down, the red light flashes three times when the device is not connected (automatic shutdown after 3 minutes to save power)
Wake Siri: Press and hold either the left or right headset to wake Siri
Click: play / pause, answer / hang up
Double-click: a song on the left ear, a next song on the right ear
Triple-click: Left ear volume decreases, right ear volume increases

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