Classic Nostalgic HDMI Video Image Scanline Generator

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Product information:

HDMI Image Scan Line Generator Function:

Arcade game video image produces the scan line effect,classic,nostalgia,Perfect recall of CRT.15KHZ video image display effect,Re-experience arcade game classic picture,Feel again the wonderful image of the scan line.


Scan Line Generator Function Switch Description:

A:HDMI OUT(HDMI Video-Signal  Out  Interface).

B:HDMI In(HDMI Video-Signal  In  Interface).

C:EVEN/ODD--->Scan line odd or even number switch .

D:WIDTH--->Width switch(Dual or Singular scan lines).

E:ON/OFF---> The total switch of the scan line effect.

F:VSYNC--->Image resolution adapter switch(Change the resolution requirement).

G:R G B---> Red Green Blue debugging(Mainly through three potentiometer debugging effect).

2:1(Scan line fineness ratio),4:3(Scan line thickness ratio)

LED:(Scanner line generator-Working indicator light)

Output to HDMI display device:LCD or LCD TV,Support audio and video synchronous output.

Description of vertical signals:

1.If the scan line switch is ON,The scan line has no effect(image darker),This is  

vertical signal is out of sync.

2.If you need scan line effect,Toggle (VSYNC) to switch sync, resulting in effect.

3.If you don't need the scan line effect,switch is set to OFF,Image restoration to normal HDMI state.(Darken image will restore brightness).

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